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Cuomo says "parameters" of budget agreed upon
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Governor Cuomo and Legislative leaders say they hope to have final agreements on the state budget by evening, and could possibly print bills Tuesday night, to begin voting on Thursday. But by Tuesday afternoon they were still working on reaching final agreements.

Cuomo says he and legislative leaders have decided what issues will be included in the budget, like minimum wage and paid family leave, but he says key details are not yet finalized.

“The overall parameters are all worked,” said Cuomo , who said legislative leaders are working out the details with their majority party conferences. “

In this case, the details are important,” the governor said.

The governor would not say whether upstate New York might not reach a $15 minimum wage, and whether the amount could be lower, closer to $13, or how long it might take for the minimum wage to be phased in.

The governor says he also expects no tuition increase at State Universities and colleges, but says lawmakers will not agree to give SUNY an extension of it’s powers to raise their own tuition if they need to.

But a spokeswoman for SUNY, says in a statement that SUNY still needs $73 million dollars that it has requested in order to “stave off a tuition increase this fall”.