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Cuomo: let market forces determine best gambling locations
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In 2013, New Yorkers may get a chance to vote on whether they want to expand gambling in the state. Governor Cuomo says the ballot proposal is unlikely to name which cities may build new casinos, though.
The state legislature could approve second passage of a constitutional amendment next year to expand gambling in New York. The proposal to allow up to seven new casinos would then go before voters in November.  Governor Cuomo says while regions of the state might be identified for the gambling parlors by then, he would rather let the market forces determine exact locations for the potentially lucrative venues.
“I would like to see a competition where we have the ability and opportunity to attract the most exciting, aggressive proposal from the best operators in the world,” Cuomo said. “And then we get to pick among the best options.”
The governor says he does want local residents to have a say if a casino is planned for their town, but he says it’s unlikely that they would be allowed to vote on a specific proposal.