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WATCH: COVID-19 Hearings, Cuomo vs. Congress, LUMA Reimagined

Note: Information on COVID-19 is rapidly evolving. Check our blog posts for the latest information after watching the show.

On this week's edition of New York NOW: the state Legislature begins its hearing on the state's handling of the COVID-19 crisis, while Gov. Cuomo renews his fight against Congress for more funding.

Next week, lawmakers will hold a hearing on the state's handling of nursing homes during the pandemic. Senate Health Chair Gustavo Rivera joins us to preview the event.

Lawmakers will also hold a hearing on how the virus impacted this year's primary elections. They also passed a series of voting reforms last week. Senate Elections Chair Zellnor Myrie has details.

LUMA Projection Arts Festival

An internationally recognized event in Binghamton was canceled this year, causing a significant economic loss to the city. But the festival's founders are producing a back-up plan that's never been done.

Plus, Jesse McKinley from the New York Times joins us with this week's news.

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