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WATCH NOW: New York's Aging Infrastructure, Civics in NY's Schools, School Boards Explainer

Note: New York NOW tapes Friday mornings, but we cover the latest from the State Capitol every day. Check our stories below for more.

On this special edition of New York NOW (11/25/22):

  • New York's infrastructure — roads, bridges, rail, and more — get an average grade of "C" from the American Society of Civil Engineers. Assm. Angelo Santabarbara, who's an engineer himself, joins us to discuss.
  • The New York State Education Department has launched a new program to connect New York's next generation with civics. We'll take you inside that initiative.
  • School boards have gained a lot of attention in recent years. But what is a school board, and what does it do? We'll explain.

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New York's overdose crisis got worse during the pandemic, after a few years of progress.

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Affordable housing continues to be hard to find in New York.

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