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Wendy Long makes case for Senate seat
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It’s likely, no matter where you live in New York, that your television set has been bombarded with political ads for the last month.  

One race, though, that you probably haven’t seen many campaign spots for is in the U.S. Senate race where incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand is being challenged by Republican Wendy Long.  

One of the reasons is the Democrat is far ahead, up by a whopping 44 points according to the latest Marist College poll.  Long’s campaign war chest is less than a million dollars and she has had to take more of a grass roots approach to connect with voters.

On this past weekend's show, Long sat down with our Karen DeWitt to talk about her campaign, the issues she differs most with Senator Gillibrand and her view on abortion.   She calls herself “100% pro-life,” but does support the exception if the mother’s life is in danger. Watch the full interview above.

Also this week, we have coverage of Cuomo’s recent endorsements and how he may be deployed by President Obama to campaign. At our Reporters Roundtable we have discussion of post-election special sessions and what those may include.