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Rep. Williams Visits Texas, Gives Glimpse of Border City

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Rep. Brandon Williams at the southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas, Sept. 25.
Credit: WRVO

Rep. Williams Visits Texas, Gives Glimpse of Border City

Central New York Rep. Brandon Williams (R-Sennett) is providing a glimpse of the U.S. southern border following a trip to Eagle Pass, Texas.

Williams took a short trip to Texas this week, meeting with asylum seekers, local emergency service providers and residents. He described the population of asylum seekers as mainly single young men traveling solo.

“Some are families and with children, very few, but overwhelmingly it is unaccompanied young men, traveling individually or in small groups,” Williams said.

Williams said the number of border crossings has grown rapidly under current federal administration and after speaking with local law enforcement officials, officers are being overwhelmed.

“Law enforcement officers are asking for help,” Williams said. “A county deputy, right here, just talked about how they are overwhelmed by this crisis.”

Williams added officers are unable to address issues with asylum seekers avoiding authorities because they are too busy with border processing.

“The border crisis is consuming federal border patrol agents so that they are here processing migrants that are seeking asylum,” Williams said. “Meanwhile, every month, tens of thousands of migrants that are actively avoiding interaction with American authorities are not being addressed.”

Williams said addressing progressive policies is the way to end the crisis.

“This border crisis will end when we address the progressive fantasies that ignore the law and that ignore the will of the American people,” Williams said.

This story is originally from our friends at WRVO News.