Assembly Democrats cool to Cuomo's ed tax credit
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The state Senate and Assembly are due to release their counter proposals to the state budget later today, and Assembly Democrats are likely to reject a key provision sought by Governor Cuomo.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie has indicated that many Democrats don’t like Cuomo’s education tax credit, which would allow donors to give money to the private or public school of their choice and receive nearly full credit for the donation on their state taxes. Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton, an Ithaca Democrat, says the measure has not been popular when discussed in the Democrats majority’s closed door conference.

“Certainly, there’s strong feeling that this is a very bad idea,” Lifton said.

Lifton later said that there is also “clearly some strong support” for the education tax credit, as well.  The measure has backing in the State Senate, and is also favored by the Catholic Church, which runs hundreds of schools in the state.