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Do you think schools should stay closed in the fall?

Yes: 29%

No: 71%

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"Enough!! Children need to get back to school for many reasons. The governor is so full of himself! He is bringing NYS to its knees. He can't balance the budget so he'll blame it on Trump and the rest of us will pay more in taxes with less services. And I am sick to death of his Laurel and Hardy routine with his brother. My gosh - they are so unaware, they don't know what jackasses they look like." -Anonymous

"They've been closed long enough now--quite frankly, all the schools' now-lengthy closing has done is give taxpayer-paid public school teachers a very long vacation!" -Robert M., The Bronx

"This isn't a question for which there is a singular answer. Regional assessments of Covid infection history and testing verification are necessary to make intelligent decisions about what are safe conditions for our students and the staffs of educational institutions." -John O; Petersburg

"Continued closing would create a generation of dummies. If necessary, reduce class size 50% by daily split sessions or attendance every other day." -Larry P., Great Neck

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