POLL | Are you satisfied by the Governor’s plan to rein in Medicaid spending to close the $6 billion deficit?


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Do you think the governor and lawmakers have done enough to protect women’s rights in New York in the last two years?

Yes: 55%

No: 45%

"I'll change my vote if the NYS legislature and its staff can avoid being arrested/prosecuted for sexual harassment for the next 2 years." -John O., Petersburg

"Despite federal laws declaring = pay regardless of gender, and prohibiting termination of employment of women b/c of pregnancy it happens that neither right is truly protected! Perhaps the laws require proof of defendant's intent, making burden of proof practically impossible. Also, ALL workers benefit from the elimination of employer mandated arbitration for all disputes (in lieu of suing in the courts), & elimination of all nondisclosure agreements that have served to conceal wrongdoing from the public so very many times (see Trump)." -Ymer X., Poughkeepsie

"Both have pandered to the extreme. How about preserving some basic rights for men as well?" -Larry P., Great Neck

"NY is one of the best states for protecting women’s rights but we always need to strive to be even better." -Tom J., Rochester

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