POLL | Do you think Gov. Andrew Cuomo is doing a good job responding the COVID-19 pandemic?


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Are you anxious about the spread of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, in New York?

Yes: 61%

No: 39%

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"Have been unable to locate ANY masks, rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes for purchase in cap dist in past few weeks. Pharmacies NOT sympathetic to customer need." -Ellen F., Albany

"Lost valuable time because the president refused to acknowledge the severity and politzied it as a hoax." -Jonathan A., Summit, MS

"I think there's too much undue panic among our so-called leaders regarding this virus--which, from what I've heard, has killed fewer people than the flu." -Robert M., The Bronx

""Concerned" is a better word. Not panicking; I'm using common sense when choosing activities, locations and modes of transportation." -Gary D., Brooklyn

"I wash my hands throughout the day, including 6-8 times a day at work. I practice clean hygiene techniques. Etc Etc. Etc." -Charles, Bronxville

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