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POLL | Do you think Congress should send more federal aid to New York?


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Are you worried about another COVID-19 spike in New York?

Yes: 50%

No: 50%

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"As good as our progress and safeguards are, this virus is unpredictable. If the virus deniers and non-maskers prevail, and distancing is disobeyed, we are opening the door to a new wave of COVID-19." -Gary D., Brooklyn

"A french scientist who has studied Corona viruses for years stated that all the Corona virus will give a pronounced bell and then go away and that is what NY is seeing. There has not been a spike in the data from the rioting & looting that went on in NY. I believe his data overDr. Fouci & King Andy." -Gus B. Owego

Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

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