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Do you think compensated surrogacy should be legal in New York?

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Last Week's Results

Do you think impeachment proceedings will help or hurt Democrats in November of 2020?

Help 50%

Hurt 50%




Do you think impeachment proceedings will help or hurt Democrats in November of 2020?

Answer: Help."November 2020 is a long way away when the president consistently continues to act immorally, selfishly, and recklessly. It needs to be stopped. The longer this behavior is allowed, the longer it is going to take to fix everything Trump has destroyed. We are meant to move forward in progress as one nation, not back into a stagnancy of controlling "tradition." -Corinne R., Parkersburg

Answer: Hurt."they should spend more time on improving all the problems facing the country instead of behaving like a bunch of lying misfits. OF COURSE, it will be Trump's fault when this happens! They are making fools of themselves, and the average American sees this clearly." -Brenda W., Schoharie

Answer: Hurt."They will be hurt if they come up with no charges to the President. They can indict everyone else but if not Trump, they got nothing." -Peter B., Schenectady

Answer: Help."I believe impeachment will help the Democrats by displaying the verifiable and true, non-partisan reasons why President Trump has caused these proceedings to commence and also by energizing voters to come out to vote President Trump out of office. Of course, I'm presuming that he won't be successfully impeached nor removed from office. But if he is removed from office, all bets are off!" -William D., Yonkers

Answer: Hurt."WE  THE  PEOPLE are sick and tired of this nonsense wasting time, and money from the federal treasury.  Almost 3 years of anti-Trump hearings are too much.  Congress could, and should, focus their time and attention in solving real problems facing the nation:  lowering costs of prescription medicines, reducing and elimination of the national debt, eliminating negative effects of Obama-care, preventing Iran from building WMDs to destroy Israel and western nations, improving educational standards in our public schools, better regulations of our food supply, etc." -Charles, Bronxville

Answer: Help."If they keep revealing the corruption of this president, and keep it simple enough, people will finally realize that he must be removed to keep our democratic country." -Mary C., New York City


Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

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