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Last Week's Results

Which party had the better response to the Parkland school shooting?

Gun control measures by Senate Democrats 72%

Enhanced school safety bills by Senate Republicans 28%




Your the response to the Parkland school shooting:

Answer: Enhanced school safety bills by Senate Republicans. "School safety means more than just guns plus gun control has never kept weapons out of criminal's hands even here in NY." -Larry F., Mamaroneck


Answer: Gun control measures by Senate Democrats."Republicans keep parroting NRA talking points. It's time we actually take on this issue rather than cave to special interest groups that care more about money than children's lives." -Ezra L., Ithaca


Answer: Gun control measures by Senate Democrats."Just kidding. Democrats don't have enough political power to enact an effective response, and Republicans have enough power to prevent any effective response." -Kurt H., Schenectady


Answer: Gun control measures by Senate Democrats."How much are those new license plates going to be and how many people do they really think will shell out for them. I don’t think very many." -Andrea P., Salt Point


Answer: Gun control measures by Senate Democrats."I’m not a Democrat, but the Progressive platform of strict background checks (mental and criminal), banning assault rifles, and making it as difficult to get a firearm as an abortion, should be enforced." -Susan B., Saratoga Springs


Answer: Gun control measures by Senate Democrats."Background checks and better communication relative to past criminal and mental health history are sensible approaches. Yet, both parties are not facing the real problem. They need to listen to Gov. Blevin of Kentucky." -John O., Troy


Answer: Gun control measures by Senate Democrats."Neither party addressed the systemic issues that lead to these mass shootings; ban AR 15 assault-style weapons. The root of the issue has to be addressed because guns, mental illness, and bigotry are not mutually exclusive. Guns are the underlying issue, remove that variable and the rate at which innocent people are killed will decrease." -Jordan J., Brooklyn


Answer: Gun control measures by Senate Democrats."I'm not pinning any medals on the Dems here, but excepting Gianaris, they were right to recognize the wider societal issues. Unfortunately what needs to be addressed here is far beyond the reach of a state legislature. The Republicans were truly laughable." -Barb B., Queens


Answer: Enhanced school safety bills by Senate Republicans."Criminals will always be able to purchase guns from the underground economy." -Larry P., Great Neck


Answer: Enhanced school safety bills by Senate Republicans."Regarding "inclusion" in regard to Trump it is so connected.He says he does not believe the polling ratings. When referencing he fabricates the numbers to be what he wishes they were He desperately wants to be approved and appreciated by all. Yet deep down he knows he isn't by a greater number of citizens compared to his base. In order for him to feel good, it requires him to have to belittle bothers. I don't think I have heard him refrain from referencing himself highly in any reported or televised speech. I wish for a short period of time that all the media would silently come together and agree not to report his rallies. I'm not saying do not have reporters attend nor record that is fine, just do not air or publicizes them right away. His reaction will show how much he craves and needs it in order to function. He will go nuts because he craves to be in the news daily good or bad. Have a blackout period and he will have a temper tantrum because of. Then once this time period passes the events can be televised along with the story how much he needs the media." -Merry S., Rockland, Ma.


Answer: Gun control measures by Senate Democrats."Lethal combo: Young undeveloped and troubled brains and the availability of guns." -Paul B., Clifton Park


Answer: Gun control measures by Senate Democrats."Some Democrats suggest over the top policies that I do not agree with, however, many Republicans (convinced and bribed by the NRA) are unnecessarily scared that their guns will be taken away. They fail to see the necessity in increasing the measures that must be taken in order to BUY a fun. The NRA, which is funded by gun manufacturers doesn't want to lose money, so they release propaganda making it look like Democrats oppose the 2nd amendment. If dead children aren't a convincing factor in someone's decision to support gun control, then I don't see how they can claim to empathize with the victims." -Gabriel B., Washington D.C.


Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

Check weekly for new question/results.

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