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Last Week's Results

What classification should be given to the Boreas Ponds tract?

Wilderness 90%




Wilderness: 90%
Wild Forest: 10%


Your thoughts on the Boreas Pond Tract:


Answer: Wild Forest."The people of NY should have access to this land." -Dan F., Troy


Answer: Wild Forest."Area has been a working forest and therefore is not wilderness." -Randy B., Medusa


Answer: Wild Forest."Because it was clear-cut forest recently, and is loaded with high-quality unpaved roads, I think wild forest makes the most sense. If motorized access is limited to the best roads, not deteriorating roads or woods trails, there will be plenty of quiet hiking (etc.) trails available. I am ignorant of the area in more ways than one, but perhaps there can be motorized access by one road to the ponds, but a different road only by human-powered transport. In the program it looked like there were a lot of roads." -Kurt H. Schenectady


Answer: Wilderness."The wilderness is there because our forbearers had the wisdom to protect it from incursion and exploitation. As I am feeling my age I know that I will be excluded from the wilderness at some point, but NY has countless wild forests and other accessible woodlands to enjoy. Many amazing options exist for access and tourism. Use them, develop them, but preserve the wilderness. Boreas Ponds in particular, and the surrounding wilderness areas are truly a rare gem. 95% of New Yorkers never get into the true wilderness (off the road into the rugged backcountry) but they are glad its there. They know there are more accessible options. Sadly, this is as much about the Governor's ego and ambition than it is anything else." -Dan M., Albany/North Elba


Answer: Wild Forest."With roads there the recreation access is built already. Hike, bike, paddle, ride or drive. Use it." -Chris S., Lake Placid


Answer: Wilderness."Preserving these lands with 125 years of sustained natural life is irreplaceable should motorized vehicles enter there! Wildlife will change, leave, and this cannot be restored to its' original condition." -Laura H., Albany


Answer: Wilderness."This is a large tract with outstanding resource values - mountains, lakes, streams and wetlands - lying immediately next to the High Peaks Wilderness. The law - known as the State Land Master Plan - has a presumption that such tracts should be classified Wilderness." -David G., Ballston Lake


Answer: Wilderness."We are losing our areas of wild habitats across the Country at an alarming rate due to both human encroachment and simple overuse. Like it or not, roads and mechanical access to natural areas have a profound negative impact, regardless of how the parcels are managed.

Even in the Adirondacks, there are many areas that are suffering from overuse, and some of these even include only trails. We have an opportunity here to try and protect one of the few remaining areas that has the possibility to return to a wilderness state and a natural ecosystem, and we should seize it. These opportunities don't often happen, and quite possibly may never again. There are many other areas in the Adirondacks which have roads and allow for improved or motorized access, and this does not have to be one of them." -William S., Shelburne VT


Answer: Wilderness."It is Wild now, we should keep it that way for future generations." -Edward B., Yonkers


Answer: Wilderness."Land tracts of this size, suitable for Wilderness, are uncommon and given our population growth and consumption of land resources, will be even rarer in the future. Classify the entire tract as Wilderness to restore and preserve its natural beauty for future generations." -Bill K., Clifton Park


Answer: Wild Forest."Anyone who wants to experience this natural inspiration should have access. The handicapped and the elderly can cherish the Adirondacks as much as the fit and able hikers. Wild forest classification is the right thing to do. How else can we consider ourselves to be worthy of such beauty?" -Patricia R., Chestertown


Answer: Wild Forest."Actually, Alternative 1 is the most balanced approach which would provide proponents of both classifications with a solution. Neither side should be so selfish as to think that the entire parcel can be classified as one or the other, without a lawsuit ensuing afterward. The APA worked hard to come up with Alternative 1, satisfying the ASLMP, which states “…the protection and preservation of the natural resources of the State lands within the Park must be paramount. Human use and enjoyment of those lands should be permitted and encouraged, so long as the resources in their physical and biological context, as well as their social or psychological aspects, are not degraded. (APSLMP, page 1).” Alternative 1 is a reasonable, balanced approach!" -Anne O., Shawangunk


Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

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