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This Week's 'New York NOW' Poll Question

Do you believe Donald Trump will be a good president?

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Last Week's Results

Has Andrew Cuomo been a good governor for Upstate New York?

Yes 16%

No 84%


Your thoughts on Governor Andrew Cuomo:


Answer: No."He has no need to be totally dependent upon the NYC Democratic clubhouse machine for each election." -Larry. P., Great Neck

Answer: No."Perhaps his programs were well-intentioned. But by surrounding himself with a coterie of corrupt program leaders and developers, the Buffalo Billion and similar programs have acquired a permanent taint." -Gary D., Brooklyn

Answer: No."He gave us the unSAFE Act in the middle of the night. He banned fracking, raised the minimum wage to $15.00, hasn't pushed for any relief on all the unfunded state mandates forced onto to the counties & towns. Taxes are still the highest in the country. He's looking to make the price of any kind of energy totally unaffordable to keep to his Progressive/Communist agenda going. People are leaving the state in droves to settle in free America and he doesn't really care. New Yorkistan is the least free state in America year in and year out and King Andy is proud of it since he hasn't done anything to fix the problem." -Gus B., Owego

Answer: No."Cuomo has done nothing to help upstate. Here is his legacy: He killed gas drilling to appease a few loud enviros, we have even higher taxes, no jobs, more corruption, telling anyone with conservative views there is no place in NYS for them. He has changed his positions to help himself. He has been a terrible governor for upstate." -Gus B., Owego

Answer: Yes."Gov. Cuomo passed the SAFE Act that curtails deadly assault weapons, and was instrumental in raising the minimum wage, which should stimulate the upstate economy." -Jeff N., Brighton

Answer: No."Andrew listens to very few people and rules by terrorizing his staff and subordinates. He should run for national office, lose and get it over with." -Ansel A., Saratoga Springs

Answer: No."Arrogant, convinced he's above the law, a bully and totally disconnected from the middle class for which he is purportedly concerned. I think he is more like Trump than anyone suspects." -John O., Troy

Answer: No."When I vacationed here I could not understand, but now that I live here it becomes obvious he cares little agout this area. I am a Democrat who talks with other Democrats and I am shocked to find the vast majority cannot stand him! I have a thought about the free college item. When I went to a state college in Connecticut years ago your tuition was reembursed if you made the Deans List. Perhaps this might be a beginning for New York." -Wesley M.

Answer: Yes."Andrew Cuomo has common sense and good reasoning with education, with experience to govern the state and hopefully the country." -Peter A., Queens

Answer: No."We have MORE than enough public land in the Adirondacks. He needs to STOP buying more, removing it from the tax rolls. My grandchildren will have nothing but over-mature, single-aged timber stands, with blow-downs and wild-fire hazards to "enjoy"." -William W., Johnstown


Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

Check weekly for new question/results.

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