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This Week's 'New York NOW' Poll Question

Would you like to see Andrew Cuomo run for a third term as governor?

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Last Week's Results

Have your views on the news media changed at all in 2017?

Yes 60%

No 40%




Your thoughts on the news media:

Answer: No."Still liberal slant, play's into Trump's hands." -Mark C., Hoboken, New Jersey


Answer: Yes."The Fourth Estate has become a major countervailing force against a cynical, dismissive and churlish White House. News reports might not always be 100 percent accurate – but the “fake news” charges and other insults heaped upon mainstream media is as contemptuous as it is comical." -Gary D., Brooklyn


Answer: Yes."All media seems to be biased these days. Both sides are divisive and push a specified agenda." -Julie W., Addison


Answer: No. "With the exceptions of FOX News & NY Post, obvious liberal bias and reporting against those holding conservative views or support Republicans continues with balance of fairness." -Larry P., Great Neck


Answer: Yes."The media is doing a better job, digging under the surface to learn and report what is really going on. That's partly due to the integrity and courage of journalists, and partly because Americans are subscribing and listening to the media more." -Margaret T., Catskill


Answer: Yes."If anything, my views of the media have improved...I have more respect for them than ever. Thank heavens they are there now to keep us informed when we have an administration in Washington who love to keep us in the dark." -Marianne M., Broadalbin


Answer: No."2017 has brought into sharp focus the essential role that a free and responsible press plays in our nation." -Kimberly P., Ballston Spa


Answer: No."Donald Trump calls anything he doesn't like "fake news." Though there are fake "news" sites on the Internet, by and large the mainstream reporters work hard to present the facts." -Valerie P., Troy


Answer: No."The media is biased. They report only what the Dems want them to report. They are controlled by the Democratic Party." -Sam R., Richford


Answer: Yes."Since Donald Trump has made it his mission to discredit many media outlets by calling them fake news, I have been watching and reading more from these news outlets and giving them my full support, with the exception of FOX (fake) news. I am 100% behind them because they are doing an excellent job of reporting the truth about a president and his administration who spew nothing but lies and "FAKE" news every time they speak." -Ron K., LaGrangeville


Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

Check weekly for new question/results.

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