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Would you like to see Stephanie Miner primary Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2018?

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Last Week's Results

Does this year's hurricane season change your position on climate change?

Yes 17%

No 83%




Your thoughts on climate change:


Answer: Yes."Those who own either homes or businesses in flood zones should buy insurance so other taxpayers don't have to pick up the tab for rebuilding after each hurricane." -Larry P., Great Neck

Answer: No."I already accepted it is occurring." -Matt P., Watervliet


Answer: No."I still do firmly believe in man influenced climate change and these storms are fiercer than others we have experience." -Tomi H., Albany


Answer: No."Global warming, driven mostly by burning fossil fuels, is obvious to anyone who actually reads, and is willing to understand, the research. The general effects are completely clear. For example, sea level rise is universal along ocean coastlines. Severe droughts, severe rain events, stronger hurricanes, more high-temperature records, they're all parts of modern climate trends. Reality doesn't care what you believe. I follow the science, and think those who devote their lives to studying climate to know what they are talking about. I thought that before these storms, and I think that now." -Kurt H., Schenectady


Answer: No."It does not "change" my position on climate change, but, in my opinion, reinforces it! If we do nothing, the weather scientists who identify and track these cataclysms will need to upgrade their system to include a "category 6" hurricane." -Roy T., St. Johnsville


Answer: No."Global warming is a made up concept created by the left wing enviroumental extremists to attempt to brainwash the general public to explain natural weather events. I'd believe in the Easter bunny before I'd believe the existence of global warming." -Anthony, Eastchester


Answer: No."For a number of years weathermen have wrongly forecast devastating hurricane seasons. Well, we finally got one. Nothing new. Throughout the history of earth the climate has always been in a state of change. Also, nothing new." -Larry F., Mamaroneck


Answer: No."Weather is not climate.When yachts and private jets are outlawed I'll take climate change seriously." -Dave E., Lockport


Answer: No."I've always believed that man had a part in climate change." -Fred W., Wassaic


Answer: No."Is there any more doubt?" -Andy H., Jacksonville, Texas


Answer: No."No, climate change exists but it always has; the real question is how much does mankind's activities affect it. I am a bit of an agnostic on that question" -Dave H., Buffalo


Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

Check weekly for new question/results.

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