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This Week's 'New York NOW' Poll Question

Can a Republican defeat Andrew Cuomo in 2018?

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Last Week's Results

Which party would you like to see control Congress in 2019?

Democrats 71%

Republicans 29%




Your thoughts on Congressional control:

Answer: Republicans."The Republicans are divided and as such, they will do less harm." -Joe V., Schodack


Answer: Democrats."Donald Trump has been so divisive to our country & I'm ashamed that the Republicans in the House and Senate have not stood up to his bullying of people in their own party!" -Joanna S., Rexford


Answer: Democrats."Republicans are spinning their wheels in their own swamp water. Frustrated how spineless they are (with the exception of a few) when it comes to anything that would help the little people, they have lost their moral core. Republicans are blatantly working to support their own financial/corporate interests, nothing for the people." -Marcia M., Greenfield Center


Answer: Democrats."The Republicans have made a fine mess of things, trying to bully their way through healthcare and now taxes. Riding on accusations that disagreement means “fake news,” they need to do some soul searching and LISTEN to what the people are saying, not just a small, Fox-terrified group who do not realize that their supposed champions are only exploiting their vulnerability." -Catharine T., Hudson


Answer: Democrats."Republicans as a whole are acting abhorrently and irresponsibly. As James Madison wisely pointed out, the political majority can only rule effectively in our democratic republic if they respect the will of the political minority. They are choosing to simply ignore those views they disregard and that will cost them." -Nik U., Rockaway Beach


Answer: Democrats."Republicans are not driven by the needs of their constituents and the country but by partisanship." -Jean S., New York City


Answer: Republicans."The Republicans are the REAL party of change and prosperity, not the Dems. Unfortunately, the news media fabricates information to make the Republicans look bad. The Dems want to separate us from our hard earned money with tax increases of all sorts (income, inheritance, sales, property, etc.) of taxes. A tax cut will only help everyone, not hurt the low income population. The Laffer Curve proves this, as anyone who has read a book on basic economics understands. We could use a man like Ronald Reagan again!" -Charles, Bronxville


Answer: Democrats."Pass Employment non Discrimination Laws to protect agnostics, atheists, working tax paying people living in the metropolises, non-cigarette smokers or non-drug users, college dropouts and BA college degree holders, and new young employees employed by LLCs and LLPs." -Siregar J., New York


Answer: Democrats. "We need to get our country moving in the right direction. I believe this can be done with a democratic congress. Trump needs to be stopped. He really is an embarrassment." -William O., Queens


Answer: Democrats. "The republicans are showing they do not have the spine to counter Trump." -Jeff B., Port Chester


Answer: Democrats."Democrats on the lesser of two incompetent evils vote and strategically to checkmate President Trump." -Gene C., Binghamton


Answer: Democrats."I pray and hope Democrats take the Senate and get rid of the uncaring and lobby money driven Republicans. We've had enough!" -Robyn S., Ballston Spa


Answer: Democrats."Are you kidding me? Do you see what a horrible mess the Republicans are making of our country? Also, do you want to give Trump ANY support?" -Susan G., Greenfield Center


Answer: Democrats."Independents was not a choice, but the Republicans, under the leadership or our Dear Leader, are spineless, putting party before country." -Jill W., Saratoga Springs


Answer: Democrats."The Republicans have demonstrated a total lack of responsibility in their pusillanimous refusal to stand up to this President. They have allowed his prevarications and outright lies to go unchallenged in a cowardly attempt to hold on to power. Shame on them!" -Dorothy F., Monticello


Answer: Democrats."We need to be able to block the Trump agenda, especially if/when SCOTUS nominations come up." -Lori T., Albany


Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

Check weekly for new question/results.

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