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This Week's 'New York NOW' Poll Question

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Last Week's Results

Do you think Kirsten Gillibrand would make a good president?

Yes 28%

No 72%


0 0%

0 0%

Do you think Kirsten Gillibrand would make a good president?

Answer: Yes."She would make an excellent president. She is extremely intelligent, compassionate, strong, determined. You can count on her to make decisions after considering the facts, listening to both sides of an issue and experts in the field, considering the impact on this country and the world where applicable. Her focus is always on children and families. If she does not become President I hope she runs for Governor." -Carol B., Burnt Hills

Answer: Yes."Senator Gillibrand has everything America needs so desperately at this moment in history. Youth, experience, bravery, intelligence, energy, curiosity, social conscience, integrity, and not least she is a woman, a beautiful one, and as women have always been good at, she will clean up our government." -Dorothy R., Colonie

Answer: Yes."I like that she wants to implement new law's for Guns, Medicare, & our Homeless Vets." -Keith G., Saint Albans, Vermont

Answer: Yes."Gillibrand's track record appears solid, she's a refreshing change, I've enjoyed hearing about her accomplishments and learning about her goals when in the Oval Office. This, rather than being all about rudely denigrating opponents, inflammatory rhetoric, and the coarseness in politics that has become all too familiar. I want to use my vote for someone who will get things done, and restore standards of respect, civility, and yes, even a moral/ethical compass in the White House. I am so tired of drama, crassness plunging to ever lower levels on nearly a daily basis. I wish Senator Gillibrand great success and wonder when can I put her campaign sign on my lawn?" -Tess C., Utica

Answer: Yes."Senator Gillibrand has been and continues to be an extremely dedicated member of our national government. Her history and record, evidence that she is not a “go with the flow” representative! I believe this trait will prove to be very beneficial, to our nation, and the leadership, thereof, as there are many difficult and challenging matters, which require this kind of strength!" -Kevin G., White Plains

Answer: No."She has been a do-nothing junior Senator who is a pawn of the Democratic party. She has done nothing for rural NY State and does not represent the values of middle America." -Gary F., Freedom

Answer: No."Gillibrand’s campaign for President has been as lackluster as her tenure in the Senate. She has been on every side of every issue." -Jim C., Clymer

Answer: No."I don't think we need political opportunists of her level any more than we need a border-less society." -Bob P Queensbury

Answer: No."She is just a regular left-wing politician with nothing to offer WE, THE PEOPLE. She ain't a Jack Kennedy or Ronald Reagan. She has done absolutely nothing for us New Yorkers to better our lives or lower taxes. And neither has any of the other Democrats in the race. She should spend more time in New York rather than in New Hampshire." -Anthony, Eastchester

Answer: No."Tobacco lobbyist; shallow, flimsy ethics; premature personal destruction of a best, most charismatic male colleague in Congress before due process for all to caucus on his political fate. Totally lacking in leadership qualities." -Emmy T., Wynantskill


Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

Check weekly for new question/results.

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