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This Week's 'New York NOW' Poll Question

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Last Week's Results

Do you support a bill that would ban the declawing of cats?

Yes 92%

No 8%


Your thoughts on declawing cats:


Answer: No."NY is first in the nation in corruption convictions of public officials and virtually last in voting and ethics reform and a bill like this makes it to the floor. I'm glad our legislators have their priorities straight." -Bill G., McKownville


Answer: No."Better to declaw members of the State Legislature who continue introducing insane bills like this that infringe on both civil and economic liberties of constituents." -Larry P., Great Neck


Answer: No."Even though I would not have it done now, I had cats declawed in the past. This bill would make more homeless cats. Some people will not consider a cat as a pet because of the damage they can do." -James M., Rochester


Answer: Yes."Declawing does not benefit the cat in any way, in fact it has many negative effects on the animal. It's a harmful procedure that only benefits the cat owner's furniture." -James M., Rochester


Answer: Yes."Vets are supposed to help pets, not cripple them by cutting off necessary bones. Make this barbaric practice end just like most of the countries in the world have." -Jenni B., Tigard, Oregon


Answer: Yes."Declawing does nothing but hurt the cat. It is for the human who can't be bothered to train a cat to scratch appropriately, or is too selfish to have a scratching post in his/her living space." -Debby M., Glendale Heights, IL


Answer: Yes."Declawing is a barbaric amputation of the distal phalanx toe bone for the benefit of the veterinarian performing the procedure, NOT for the cat. There is NO right way to amputate bone. All orthopedic surgeries have complications. There are post declaw studies that AVMA refuses to publish, many cats are dumped, relinquished and euthanized because of post declaw behavior issues. Declawing is a lucritive business, some declaws go as high as $800 and some cats are declawed on all four paws. All declawed cats suffer silently, and those who have bone pieces or spiraled claw growth inside their paws will have behavior issues because they are in excruciating pain 24/7/365. The Paw Project has veterinarians in several states who repair mutilated paws, thanks to them many declawed cats are relieved of their suffering and find homes instead of being euthanized." -D.D., Culpeper, VA


Answer: Yes."By all accounts from those who have a voice (pet owners, rescue workers, good veterinarians) this is a horrible practice and it needs to be banned. We must speak for those (the cats) who do not have a voice." -Jackie C., Williamsville


Answer: Yes."There are more humane ways of dealing with a cat's claws. Nail caps are a good way to go, along with proper training. If you can teach a dog to sit, you can teach your cat where it's appropriate to scratch." -Nicole M., New York City


Answer: Yes."It's barbaric and inhumane to declaw a cat. People rationalize that it's best for the cat but anyone who genuinely loves, respects and understands their feline friends would never declaw. As far as permitting this abusive practice to continue "as a last resort," I say no. It's too easy to bend the truth to suit an owner of convenience. Animals should not be treated as disposable commodities. If you’re going to enact a measure, do it right. Better to pass a law with teeth, claws and integrity. How a society treats its animal companions is telling. (And don’t get me started about keeping animals in zoos - that’s a poll question for another day!)" -Rosemary C., Schoharie


Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

Check weekly for new question/results.

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