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This Week's 'New York NOW' Poll Question

How closely do you follow issues pertaining to the North Country?

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Last Week's Results

How will you be voting on the Constitutional Convention question?

Yes 33%

No 67%




Your thoughts on a Constitutional Convention:

Answer: No."Just another Dem control freak in office. Get rid of them and maybe NY could prosper once again. I will NEVER relinquish my weapons. NEVER. Try teaching young people Civics like we did as kids. Maybe that is a component to “gun violence." -Ron D., Rochester


Answer: No."The same politicians who are the source of our corrupt elected state government will control the constitutional convention for their own benefit." -Matt P. Watervliet


Answer: No."These conventions are dominated by life long politicians and special interests and way to expensive." -John H., Colonie


Answer: Yes."My union is against it, and since the union looks out for themselves more than for its members (the last 2 crappy contracts are a perfect example), I have to vote for it." -Frank M., Brooklyn


Answer: Yes."I have always been afraid of the idea of a convention because you never know what can happen. But the ethics problems in the legislature and the gerrymandering issues must finally be addressed and so I will vote yes, with the hope that the delegate selection process will represent the people and not special interests." -Deb G., Forest Hills


Answer: No."No because the constitution has not yet been reformed and until i see progress in Congress then i will not vote on any certain measures that have to do with our Constitution Convention." -Gregory B., Rochester


Answer: No."I don't trust the elected officials to get this right." -Tommy M., Yonkers


Answer: Yes."Admittedly there are risks involved in opening the constitution and making changes, but I feel that this process is our last best hope for instituting meaningful reforms in the state government." -Paul M., Marion


Answer: No."The discussion in your studio demonstrated why the CC is too risky: Prof. Benjamin, the optimist, gave the impression that the current document couldn't be revised. The "one issue at a time" system at least forces the timely issues into the limelight and doesn't allow "sticking something in". As for the lady who argued against, I agree with her general conclusion, but she's a one-issue person, apparently, which I see as a danger. If the issue were raiding the state treasury for private schools, or overriding the Safe Act, I'd be concerned. I don't think a CC should be a device for accomplishing a single "pet" result. Anyway, the lady was so shrill that she might alienate some "no" voters! We can do without this!" -Don J., Rochester


Answer: No."The delegates would be cronies chosen by fat cat party donors to arrive at all the same old same old that we get in every legislative session. It will cost a fortune and could be easily hijacked by special interests." -Lynn K., Guilderland


Answer: Yes."A Constitutional Convention comprises one of the very few vestiges of self-government available to the common citizen. We've tried trusting elected know-it-alls and see where we are.. where that has gotten us!" -James L., Argyle


Answer: Yes."The country fought a war of independence on the believe the people were capable of self rule. This convention would be only one facet of citizen rule vs the elitist politician." -Bruce T., Buffalo


Answer: No."A "yes" vote will open the door for the fox to enter the hen house. How can we trust representatives from the same cast of characters we now have, to come up with real reform when they can't do it in Albany where it should be done. The current political climate in our country is to dangerous to be gambling with our Constitution. There is already a working process to amend the Constitution. Use it!" -Roger J., Sharon Springs


Answer: Yes."The status quo is not good enough. I want a constitutional convention. I want voters to be smart enough to elect their friends, relatives and neighbors and not anyone who is currently in or was ever in elected office. I would love for NY Con Con to be New York's wake up call. It's time for the people to take control. It's time for term limits, public financing and very strict environmental regulations. I also want to be a Con Con delegate." -Thomas J., Rochester


Answer: No. "Waste of money, windfall for legislators as convention reps, no end time stipulated, legislators can make changes through amendments as has been done 100 times before." -Frank M., Cherry Valley


Answer: No."To protect the State from political misuse of this opportunity by Republicans." -Paul B., Clifton Park


Answer: No."There are better and less expensive ways to change the State Constitution, when it's really needed." -Gary D., New York City


Answer: Yes."Who knows it might drain our swamp in Albany!" -Larry P., Great Neck


Answer: Yes."Is there any other way to cleanse NYS of people in power like Dean Skelos and Sheldon Silver? Don't forget the power brokers associated with Cuomo. The status quo isn't working - time for a change." -Pete B., Queensbury


Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

Check weekly for new question/results.

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