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This Week's 'New York NOW' Poll Question

Do you support the “American Health Care Act?”

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Last Week's Results

Do you think Roe v. Wade will ever be overturned?

Yes 32%

No 68%


Your thoughts on Roe v. Wade:


Answer: No. "No. I think the Republicans love to use this issue to court voters. As long as they have this carrot, they will use it. It makes no sense for them to lose their carrot." -Mariah Z., Queensbury


Answer: No."Abortion has been around for thousands of years. What Roe v. Wade did was ensure that women could survive them." -Polly W., Ballston Spa


Answer: No."I hope the government listens to the people about their needs." -Debby M., Orangeburg


Answer: Yes."The abortion laws are severely abused, and are casually used as a birth control method, resulting in millions of unborn babies being murdered. Murder is a crime. Saying the fetus is not a person is a delusion and a lie, and saying it is a "women's health" issue is deception. That happens in maybe 1% of cases. It is not the woman's body that is at issue here, it is the other person's body (the person that is inside the woman's body, and is not part of her body) that is being violated. Abortion is ungodly and immoral, and is positively a crime of murder." -Gloria G., New York City


Answer: Yes."I don't know how anyone can look at an ultrasound and say that baby is not a person. Abortion is murder." -Julie W., Elmira


Answer: No."A woman has a right to her own body-NOT a decision to be left in the hands of some men who just want to control them which is the real reason anyone would want to try to overturn this historic decision and take us back to the dark ages." -Charles N., New York City


Answer: Yes."Roe v. Wade, like Dred Scott and Prohibition, is a bad law, and can't be allowed to stand." -Robert M., The Bronx


Answer: Yes."And hopefully soon. Abortion is one of the three black marks on our nation since it was founded (the other two being slavery and segregation). Nearly 60 million babies murdered since "king harry". One can't even guess how much those murdered babies could have contributed to society and the economy. Maybe one of those would have discovered the cure for cancer, or ALS, or MS, or diabetes, or any other of thousands of birth defects and/or disabilities. Need I say more?" -Anthony, Eastchester


Answer: No."I hope not! Women are people too and deserve to have the freedom of choice." -Nancy D., Grove City, PA


Answer: No."It will probably be attempted, in this slow-swinging pendulum back towards a conservative Supreme Court. But I believe that a narrow majority will let Roe v. Wade stand." -Gary D., Brooklyn


Answer: Yes."One hopes it would - on-demand execution of citizens in utero is unconscionable." -Warren M., Cohoes


Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

Check weekly for new question/results.

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