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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Langworthy on NY27 and NY11

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Matt Ryan/WMHT

This week on the program new GOP Chair Nick Langworthy discusses his vision going forward as his party desperately tries to regain footing in a state dominated by Democrats.

In this exclusive web clip, the Western New York native talks about the uncertainly in his backyard congressional district.  NY27, a Republican stronghold, is represented by Chris Collins who was indicted last year on insider trading.  Multiple people have announced a primary run, including two current Buffalo-area senators.  Does Langworthy want Collins to run again?

The GOP's best chance at flipping a seat in 2020 may be in NY11, a usually reliable Republican seat in Staten Island.  However, in the "Blue Wave" of 2018 Democrat Max Rose toppled Dan Donovan.  Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, who gained more name recognition in 2017 when challenging Mayor Bill de Blasio for mayor, has already announced she is running to try and knock off the freshman.  Langworthy tells us why she has a good shot of changing NY11 back to red.

Watch the full interview this weekend on PBS.


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